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Question: Read in Australia, set in the future and people live in different towns with completely different laws.

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Asked by whitestuf85 on Mon 09, Apr 2012 06:16am :
Found this book in Australia and I read it such a long time ago the details
are REALLY hazy. This guy lived on his own in a flat, bit of an arrogent
kind. I think he helped a woman escape from hospital and they had to make
their way through differant towns. I hope this bit is in the same book, but
sometimes when they go to sleep, they wake up in a differant universe where
the sea is made of mud. I'm sorry this is sooooo vague!
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Comment by homicidalbookworm on Sat 09, Jun 2012 02:53am:
Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith

Stark is a troubleshooter. He
lives in The City - a massive conglomeration of self-governing
Neighbourhoods, each with their own peculiarity. Stark lives in Colour,
where computers co-ordinate the tone of the street lights to match the
clothes that people wear. Close by is Sound where noise is strictly
forbidden, and Ffnaph where people spend their whole lives leaping on
trampolines and trying to touch the sky. Then there is Red, where
anything goes, and all too often does. At the heart of them all is
the Centre - a back-stabbing community of 'Actioneers' intent only on
achieving - divided into areas like 'The Results are what Counts
sub-section' which boasts 43 grades of monorail attendant. Fell Alkland,
Actioneer extraordinaire has been kidnapped. It is up to Stark to find
him. But in doing so he is forced to confront the terrible secrets of
his past. A life he has blocked out for too
long. http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/s/michael-marshall-smith/only-forward.htm


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