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Question: 30 something female scientist pushed into time machine by a young male genious scientist

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Asked by kwhitman on Sun 27, May 2012 07:56am :
They are rival scientist. He pushes her into his new invention, a time
machine. She goes back to a site of castle ruins and is found and taken in
by a lord of area. She is attracted to a black knight. She hears him
singing a future song while in stables. He is actually the young male
sciensit and has been searing for her for years in this time period. I read
this book 7 years ago and lost it. Would love to know the title. 
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Comment by willaful on Sun 27, May 2012 09:31pm:
This was identified for me as _Wings of the Storm_ by Susan Sizemore.
(It sounds really interesting; luckily enough I already own a copy!)
There's a sequel too, _After the Storm_.


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