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This question was answered on Sat 20, Jan 2007 12:55am by admin

Question: Titanic researchers survive alien attack

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Asked by rebecca on Sat 20, Jan 2007 12:21am :
I once read a science fiction novel about some people who were researching
the sinking of the Titanic.  Space aliens attack the Earth with some kind
of bomb that wipes out everyone except the Titanic researchers.  I also
remember that, in this same book, Jesus Christ had been cloned from a DNA
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Answer by admin on Sat 20, Jan 2007 12:55am:

I believe that you're thinking of "The Killing Star" (1995) by Charles 

The book is available from
(Purchasing from via one of our links helps support this

Various descriptions:

"Pellegrino and Zebrowski hang a whirlwind of ideas within the framework of
the traditional sf concept of first contact with intelligent aliens. Their
yarn is full of action and danger to the human race, too--and without
dividing the cast into good guys and bad. Among their double handful of
ideas are concepts concerning enhanced human intelligence, several
superweapons, new energy sources, and the Titanic disaster (on which
Pellegrino is a recognized expert). All of this does not make the book's
plot easy to follow. "

"Pellegrino and Zebrowski's potent brew of scientific extrapolations of
life in the not so distant future, fold in a couple of cast of characters
that you are afraid to care for (knowing what fate must await them), and
garnish liberally with ethical and moral accoutrements [Jurassic Park, step
aside. What happens when you use the DNA from Jesus and Buddha to create
them anew?]."

"In a brief, incomprehensible instant, every inhabited planetary surface in
the solar system is wiped clean by relativistic bombs launched by an
unknown alien race. Life on Earth and elsewhere has ceased to exist. All
that is left of humanity is a handful of survivors hiding between the
planets--a small, terrified remnant of civilization temporarily overlooked
by the intruder's doomsday technology. And now they must find some means of
escape before they, too, are detected.and destroyed"

"... the destruction of Earth by ten thousand relativistic bombs launched
by an alien race in a science fiction thriller and follows the desperate
struggles of the remnants of humankind to survive in a hostile universe."

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Science fiction


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