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This question was answered on Sat 18, Jan 2014 07:04pm by steve

Question: 80s-90s SF novel about an invasion of earth, a few human survivors and aliens key to the plot

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Asked by zug on Tue 14, Jan 2014 09:20pm :
I loved this book and dearly would like to find and read it again.

From what I recall of the preface, this book was written by a non-science
fiction author.  He wanted to author a science fiction book with all the
aspects of a traditional novel, and not just limited to science fiction
facts.  He wanted to give the aliens names, emotions and other human

The book followed a teenager boy who survived the initial invasion.  He was
later captured and kept in a prisoner camp where he discovered and used an
'alien learning machine' which taught him everything about his captors, how
to speak their language and understand their technology.

Other parts I recall were huge hydro electric plants used to power the
alien teleporting machines / craft landing areas.

Another key piece of information I recall about the alien technology was
that the electronics boards typically looked the same as human electronics,
but more importantly the alien technology which made them work properly was
etched / drawn? on the back of the electronics.
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Answer by steve on Sat 18, Jan 2014 07:04pm:
This is Battlefield Earth  by L Ron Hubbard
 good hunting, Steve

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Comment by zug on Wed 15, Jan 2014 02:51am:
Wow, that was quick.   Looked this up on Wikiipedia and that looks spot
on. Thank you Steve!


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