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This question was answered on Fri 13, Jan 2017 06:00am by squish

Question: Read in the late 80's...Off Grid Living...Man and Wife Living in the woods...calligraphers

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Asked by doublefeature on Mon 28, Nov 2016 09:11am :
Looking for a book I read at my grandmothers back in the late 80's early
90's but have a feeling the book was from the 60's/70's...it was a
hardcover.  I can't be a 100% sure it was fiction or non-fiction.  It was
about a older couple who lived in a cabin in the woods, they made their
living doing calligraphy/making hand written invitations.  I never got to
finish it and as I got older I've gotten into books like "The Good Life",
"Walden" and "The Point Of Vanishing" and would love to add this one to my

Thanks for any help you can give.
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Answer by squish on Fri 13, Jan 2017 06:00am:
Maybe the Helen Hoover books?  The Gift of the Deer, A Place in the Woods,
and The Years of the Forest. I think they made cards, illustrated by her

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Comment by doublefeature on Mon 28, Nov 2016 06:36pm:
Thanks Squish...I checked the books out on amazon and "A Place in the
woods" seems like the one i'm looking for...even if it turns out not to
be...it still seems like it would be a good addition to my collection.


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