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This question was answered on Fri 13, Jan 2017 05:58am by sallievern

Question: Book from the 1990's - teenage girl goes on skiing trip, gets injured, held up in cabin, witnesses a murder of a roommates girlfriend

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Asked by erikarw on Thu 01, Dec 2016 10:40am :
I am looking for a YA/mystery/fiction book that is easily 20 years old. 
The heroine is a teenager/young adult who was on a ski trip with a group of
others she didn't know very well.  In the group was even twin siblings
(girl and boy).  She injured her lower leg and ended up staying in their
cabin and she thought she may have witnessed a murder of the next door
neighbor which was the twin boy's love interest.  She initially thought it
was nail polish on the wall but after the victim did not show up she
started investigating.  Thank you for any assistance.  I have been wanting
to revisit this book especially this time of year. 
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Answer by sallievern on Fri 13, Jan 2017 05:58am:
"The Window" by Carol Ellis
"After spraining her ankle on her ski vacation, Jody winds up all alone in
her cabin with nothing to do except look out the window. So she can't help
but see what's going on in the cabin next door: the fight, the murder, and
the murderer. Then Jody realizes the killer saw her, too."

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