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This question was answered on Fri 13, Jan 2017 05:57am by sallievern

Question: Book from this decade, person travels round the world in a land rover

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Asked by kvpea on Mon 12, Dec 2016 08:08am :
My husband recently heard a review on the radio of a book about a person
who gave up everything to travel round the world in a Land Rover.  During
one part of his journey (I think possibly in the Middle East), this guy has
a problem with his vehicle and needs a new part.  He has to decide whether
to turn around and drive hundreds of miles back the way he came to a place
where he knows he can get the part, or whether he takes the risk and
continues on his journey.  He decides to turn back and manages to get the
car fixed before continuing on his way.  The review was on BBC Radio 2 (he
thinks) a few weeks ago.  Maybe in October? That's all I've got I'm afraid!
 If anyone knows what I'm on about please give me a shout.  Thank you
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Answer by sallievern on Fri 13, Jan 2017 05:57am:
"Overlanding:  A Drive to the Other Side of the World" by Noam Ben Tsion

"This is an adventure book. 
One evening Jen and I came up with this idea: letís drive as far as we can,
but letís also avoid the main roads. The idea quickly turned into reality:
we quit our jobs, bought a Land Rover and went for a drive to the other
side of the world. 

And so the adventure began.

Shortly we came up with another idea: letís see to what kind of other
adventures we can get ourselves into. So to make things even more exciting
we came up with the following 3 rules: 

1.Leave the main roads.
2.Go as remote as possible.
3.Check whatís out there.

It worked. Those simple rules indeed made the adventure a lot more
interesting. It's no surprise: with open minds and good senses our world is
an exciting place, full of surprises and discoveries. The perfect material
for the adventure. 
Examples? Sure. A few selected ones:

-Find a forgotten village in Albania and mark it on the map.
-Locate the last traditional nomads in Tuva Republic, Siberia, and show
them a Land Rover.
-Locate the 5 hidden waterfalls in the muddy jungles of Laos.
-Survive with only two spare wheels in the Steppe of Kazakhstan."

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