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Question: 1980s-1990s a girl and her nomad tribe trying to survive ,

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Asked by nyx38800 on Wed 25, Jan 2017 06:10pm :
Book from 1980s or 1990s- a girl, her brother and her tribe are nomads and
are moving from place to place to survive and find food (also, if this
helps, the cover of the book is blue, and has a girl with a determined
expression on her face. the backdrop is on a mountain.) 
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Comment by bookel on Wed 25, Jan 2017 11:56pm:
Shiva by J H Brennan.
Two sequels. Check individual book for the cover you refer to, also
alternate titles.
Comment by pdesr on Thu 02, Feb 2017 03:20pm:
Or possibly the trilogy (Mother Earth, Father Sky; My Sister the Moon;
Brother Wind) by Sue Harrison.
Comment by bookel on Tue 07, Feb 2017 03:57pm:
Is it either of those? Or do you need more suggestions???


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