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This question was answered on Sun 19, Feb 2017 08:39am by pdesr

Question: Baby Angel falls through a cloud to earth

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Asked by angiejo2012 on Thu 02, Feb 2017 06:39pm :
Looking for a illustrated, full color, book from my childhood. A baby Angel
falls through a cloud to earth and is found by a couple of children who
take care of her. I believe the plan to get the angel back to Heaven
involved swinging very high on a swing. The book was published before 1980.
I encountered it in the late 70s or early 80s. My copy was an oversized
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Answer by pdesr on Sun 19, Feb 2017 08:39am:
"Angel Child" by Val Teal.

" The story of a baby angel who was looking over the edge of a cloud, fell
over, and landed on a small black cloud. He becomes entangled with a tree
and gets his wings wet. Two children get the baby angel out of the tree.
They take Angel Child into the house and put a sleeper on him. Angel Child
didn't want to lie in a crib with his wings buttoned in and cried. They
give him a bath to try to put him to sleep. They take him outside and put
him in a swing and his wings start to dry. When the swing goes too high,
Angel Child flies straight up to Heaven. The children are dismayed until
they visit their mother in the hospital. Then they recognize "Angel Child"
as their newborn baby brother."

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