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Question: Little Girl Escapes Body to be with Dead Mother (early 2000s)

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Asked by vad03 on Sat 04, Feb 2017 11:33am :
Hello! I remember reading a book around 2010 (although it could have been
published as early as the nineties). All I can recall is that it was about
a little girl who's mother passed away. There were episodes in which she
would "escape" her body and possibly feel herself floating above and
looking down on the world. I think that this would help her feel connected
to her mother. I believe she also would hear her mother's voice when she
was sleeping. There was a certain place outside that was a sort of portal.
The air would "shimmer" or glow in this certain spot. I am unsure if the
girl ever entered this place, but she thought about it often. Overall, the
primary things I remember are the girl's mother connecting to her through
this sort of dream world and the girl experiencing freedom by floating
outside of her body. 
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