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Question: Elephant possibly called Raj, circus elephant, I think there's a boy on the cover with the elephant

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Asked by covertheskies on Sun 05, Feb 2017 06:41am :
I have been trying to find this book for years. One line I remember
specifically is "kicked the bucket" as it was the first time I'd heard the
expression, it may even be in the blurb. 

It's a short novel, not a picture book.
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Comment by pdesr on Sun 05, Feb 2017 06:04pm:
"Circus Boy" by Dorthea Snow?
Comment by covertheskies on Sun 05, Feb 2017 09:15pm:
@pdesr No, that appears too old.
Comment by gracemor on Sat 11, Mar 2017 07:14pm:
The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Williams?

Also found a
chapter from Kids Story Book 2 by Sidney Kleb that doesn't really follow
your description, but there's a character named Raja.


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