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Question: Looking for Snow Queen book I had as a kid?

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Asked by roseredpinball on Sun 05, Feb 2017 09:09pm :
Oh boy, so first of all, this is my first time posting, so go easy on me.
^_^ I kinda wonder if this is a lost cause, since there are SO MANY
retellings of the Snow Queen, but I'll give it a shot. Any help would be
much appreciated!

Details: It was a picture book, very large but also pretty thin, and it was
one of those sticker books where you place the stickers in the empty spaces
to complete the pictures. I had this book when I was a kid, so probably I
first encountered it in the 2000s, before 2010. In the story I remember the
Snow/Ice Queen was flying overhead a town in her sleigh with a magic hand
mirror that twisted everything it reflected. The mirror somehow broke and
pieces of it went scattering to the wind, flew through an open window and
into the eye of the boy, Kai/Kay? He suddenly started acting mean and
bullied the other kids and eventually nobody wanted to play with him
anymore so he got upset and ran off with his red wagon. His sister/friend,
a girl who lived next/with him went after him. The Ice Queen lured him to
her palace and froze him I think, and the girl found him and I don't
remember how she defeated the Ice Queen but then she saw Kai/Kay frozen and
began to cry. Her tears melted the ice and revived him and he blinked out
the evil mirror fragment and the two went home to live happily ever after.
Or did they? I seem to recall the book may have ended with a shard of
mirror falling into someone else's eye? I'm not sure. The cover was dark
blue, I think.

Anyway, again, any help is much appreciated and if I can provide any more
details I will try to, just ask.
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