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Question: 1970-1990s a girl goes to summer camp and learns to ride horses, has a rivalry with one of the girls and meets a boy.

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Asked by melion on Sun 12, Feb 2017 12:42pm :
This book was read to my class in the sixth grade, the copy we had was
hardcover, tan and had an illustration of a girl (or maybe a group of kids,
it's been too long I can't remember clearly) in black ink directly on the
The story goes like this, a girl's parents send her to summer camp for the
first time and she doesn't want to be there. She meets the girls in her
cabin and becomes friends with pretty much all of them except for one girl
that is kind of aggressive. She tells a joke to one of the other girls
while in the washrooms that they should give her a hormone test like in the
olympics to see if she's really a girl or not and that girl overheard do
they have beef through the ready of the book,
She learns to ride a horse and is afraid at first because the horse is very
large to her even though it's the smallest one in the stables. She gets a
Charlie horse and is unable to dance with a boy she likes at the camp
semi-formal. Her and the guy have a cute middle school romance and she has
a running joke throughout the book every time he holds her hand or
something that she'll " never wash it again".

If this is ringing any bells for anyone please let me know the title or any
other useful information.
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Comment by squish on Sun 12, Feb 2017 01:10pm:
Hail, Hail Camp Timberwood by Ellen


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