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Question: Drought in the future

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Asked by justgimmethename on Mon 13, Feb 2017 07:51pm :
I read this book back in 2010 or so. It's a short book about a boy who
lives in a little colony with his mom, and they all live on water rations
of like 250ml a day. His mom has cancer under her armpit and he worries
about her. The boy one day finds a wounded bird, I think a pigeon, and he
ends up going on a journey because if the pigeon could survive out in the
world, he knows there has to be water somewhere. At the end he discovers
there is a big large place that learned new ways to harvest water and they
can also cure his mother of her cancer, and they had been cut off from this
place by both the large distance and what I think may also have been
corruption in the colonies leaders. 
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