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Question: Illustration book in a fantasy setting

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Asked by jvcsor on Tue 14, Feb 2017 06:47am :

I was talking to a friend and remembered about a book I used to "read" when
I was a kid. It was, if I remember correctly, full of illustrations and if
it had text, it was probably just a paragraph somewhere to explain the

The book was itself a bit oversized and consisted of different scenes from
a fantasy setting. Based on what I remember, there were dragons, trolls or
giants and humans, probably more.

Few scenes that I remember are one where some sort of civilization that
lives in tree houses was putting out a fire (best way to describe it is
like the ewok tree houses from Star Wars Ep. 6); a scene of a cutout of a
house (I think it was the house of a giant or troll family) that showed
what they do in their house as well as what mechanisms they use, like the
shower; a scene with dragon eggs; a scene with a gnome or a dwarf in a
flying machine, which was like a helicopter powered by pedals.

Besides the fantasy setting, the only link between the scenes that I
remember is an emphasis on mechanical contraptions, like the ropes and
pulleys used to lift the water buckets in the tree house fire scene, the
shower, and the flying machine.

Any help would be appreciated, I don't remember much more about this since
the memories are from over 20 years ago.
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Comment by pdesr on Tue 14, Feb 2017 12:33pm:
A first guess, would be "The Giant Golden Book of Elves and Fairies".


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