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Question: Picture book About Burma (1960's-1980's)

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Asked by bekkah13 on Tue 14, Feb 2017 08:47pm :
I called it "The Burma Book" as a kid, thought that was the title. It was a
black and white (possibly some color) picture book about Burma, my grandma
may have picked it up on her travels there, but it was in English so I
wouldn't think so... The page that stuck out the most was the black and
white picture of an old woman smoking a rolled cigarette and smiling, but I
remember there being landscape pictures as well. Larger book, Hardcover
with a white paper cover over it (which makes me think it's from 60's-80's,
plus she visited on the 60's-70's and I looked at this book in the early
90's) any help would be greatly appreciated! 
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