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Question: Book I read in the late 90s/early 2000s - a bunch of scary stories

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Asked by miss_chriss on Wed 15, Feb 2017 02:11am :
It definitely wasn't Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It was (if I recall
correctly) hardback and I got it from goodwill. I think it was purple
without the dust jacket. It was divided up by categories, and the ones I
definitely remember are Halloween and Christmas. I want to say campfire
stories was also a category. The main stories I remember are:

 the intro where the (male I think) author describes his sibling walking
around a car and disappearing into thin air. It wasn't actually true, and
he was using it to make some sort of point. It also mentions the
disappearance of David Lang, before the story about their sibling. 

 a bunch of kids, Boy Scouts I think, are telling stories around a
campfire. One starts talking about going with friends into a cave and
getting lost and ending up in the dark and eating rats. It ends with all
the campers thinking it was the person across from them telling the story.

 a guy takes his kid (or kids) trick or treating and sees a kid in a
costume, standing in a lot all by himself. He doesn't think anything of it
but he keeps seeing the kid whenever they pass, always in the exact same
position. They go home and eventually the guy decides to go back out and
check the lot again of concern for the kid. The details get a bit fuzzy
from here but I think the kid's head was in his trick or treat bag and it
turned out he'd been murdered years before and his head buried at that spot
(possibly they'd found his body but not his head until then?)

 a family is spending Christmas together and they start smelling a bad
smell. They check everything they can think of and finally realize it's one
of the presents, so they start opening them. There's a red herring in the
form of one of those sausage and cheese packs before they find the right
one: an ear in a box with a ransoms note, something along the lines of
"give us x amount of money or your daughter gets killed on or by x date"
and the date has already passed because it was delivered to the wrong

 aside from those there was one about a Christmas tree being creepy in
some way, one with a haunting or somesuch that turns out to be because the
house has, if i recall correctly, the skeleton of a chimney sweep in it's
chimney (or just a dead kid in the wall. One of the two.) and one with a
kid who really wants to make Christmas pudding for some reason.

If anyone can tell me what book this is I will be so grateful. I've been
hunting for it so I can re-read it for literally years.
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Comment by emmac on Fri 12, May 2017 03:07am:
The last story about the kid wanting to make a christmas pudding sounds
like "A Christmas Pudding Improves with Keeping" which is the first
short story in "Who's Afraid, & Other Stories" by Philippa Pearce.


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