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Question: Book from 2008 - YA/Middle grade ghost story - girl solves mystery of supposed lover's suicide through female ghost.

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Asked by amierebeccafleming on Wed 15, Feb 2017 11:46am :
A young girl and her mother are staying away from home, possibly with an
older relative. The girl begins to become "possessed" by a female ghost,
causing her to write "My name is..." repeatedly on a page before
discovering the name of the ghost. The girl makes friends with 2 siblings -
a boy and a girl - but when she tries to make them experience the
ghost-writing, the sister can only write the words "TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR", as
this is the answer to every riddle her brother ever tells her. 
The female ghost is assumed to have committed suicide by jumping from a
cliff and drowning after the death of her lover in the same way, (the cliff
area was renamed "[male name]'s leap" or something to that effect), however
it is discovered that the couple only faked their own deaths in order to be
together, and now the female ghost wants her real remains to be found?

If anyone knows the title or author of this book, I would be so grateful.
It's genuinely driving me mad.
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Comment by emmac on Fri 12, May 2017 02:57am:
It's "Back House Ghosts" by Catherine Sefton (AKA Martin Waddell)


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