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This question was answered on Sun 19, Feb 2017 02:40am by emilydpoe

Question: ANSWERED Book from 1970s-twins move into house and experience haunting from twins about their age

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Asked by harristl on Thu 16, Feb 2017 08:15pm :
Read this book as an adolescent- one of the older twins was named Ann and
one of the present day named Jane- the ancestor twins doing the haunting
have a cousin named Hester who they did not like. Turned out that the
cousin had set a fire accidentally in which one of the twins died. The twin
who died took over the mind of the modern day twin in order to tell her
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Answer by emilydpoe on Sun 19, Feb 2017 02:40am:
Double Spell or Twin Spell by Janet Lunn. 

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