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Question: Love and acceptance and purple circle creatures and sad square?triangle and mud?

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Asked by ksmalls on Fri 17, Feb 2017 06:02am :
I remember a book from early 2000s about purple round creatures full of joy
and happiness and they loved to eat tomatos and other fruits played in the
garden all were happy but there was a sad square or triangle? creature that
was grey and lonley and needed love the purple creatures find him and make
him feel loved and he starts spinning and turns into a bright
prism/triangle of was beautifuly illistrated but i cant remember
the author or title but i remember the pictures clearly its a good book
anyone know the title not sure if it was published or witten by someone who
was from my country (Australian) want to know to recomend it to a friend
who is depressed and loves the colour purple so i can give it as a gift
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