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Question: 70, 80s (83?) nursary rhymes or poems (owl pussycat, who killed Cock Robin), text italics, colorful illustrations (see link to photos), no author generic name

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Asked by ellethekittydotca on Fri 17, Feb 2017 07:28am :
I am looking for a book that has an illustration in it that I want. Its a
book of fairy tales or nursery rhymes, with them written in italics. They
have large, detailed illustrations, including a large owl, a large crying
bird (who killed cock robin), and smaller ones, including the owl and the
pussycat. The owl and the pussycat are on a green or blue background,
holding hands.
I have a photo of a cut off copy of the illustration after I made an art
piece out of it. My art has therefore trimmed it, discolored it and I
painted it blue.It was more of a green/teal color originally, and if I
remember correctly, lots of the pages had unique colours. Still, I will
include a link to the photos in case it jogs someone's memory.  The first 5
photos in this link are from the book or same series
 link to photos
I really need a new copy of this owl and pussycat illustration. 
More details about the book, i think it was 1983, and it was printed or
illustrated in Romania but for a western audience. it was not an exotic
feeling book. It was large (flat and thin) at least standard letter paper
size, but may have had softer versions and or/may have had additions before
1983. I saw no "author. " Instead it had some sort of corporation name like
sunnytime books, or children's series.... something generic sounding, I
think there are other books by the same publisher. In Canada i think it was
sold at coles book stores. It was probably not uncommon, but I can't
remember the title.
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Comment by rocambole on Fri 17, Feb 2017 01:09pm:
The link to the photos isn't working.
Comment by ellethekittydotca on Sun 19, Feb 2017 07:49pm:
thanks for mentioning that the link didn't work. I have added it again
and it seems to work now. I am not technically inclined. this photo
gallery should show art made from the illustrations, and a few
illustrations I saved.


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