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Question: Children's book where fairy tale characters go to school

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Asked by nicross23 on Sun 19, Feb 2017 11:52am :
Think it was separated into good characters and evil characters and they
all went to the same school. Published maybe '90s - early '00s. A humorous
book, not serious.
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Comment by sallievern on Sun 19, Feb 2017 09:31pm:
"Flunked:  Fairy Tale Reform School" by Jen Calonita [the teachers are
villains from fairy tales] "Twelve-year-old Gilly is mostly happy
living in a shoe with her parents and five siblings. Times are hard,
though, especially since Cinderella's fairy godmother stole Gilly's
father's design for the glass slipper. To help feed her family, Gilly
steals food and trinkets from the wealthier residents of Enchantasia.
Upon her third arrest for theft, Gilly is sentenced to three months in
Fairy Tale Reform School, a juvenile detention facility run by
Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother and other famous fairy tale antagonists.
Fans of Liesl Shurtliff's Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin
(Knopf, 2013) and Christopher Healy's The Hero's Guide to Saving Your
Kingdom (HarperCollins, 2012) will find much to love in this fast-paced
romp. While Gilly picks pockets without remorse, previously evil fairy
tale villains have turned over a new leaf. The Evil Stepmother has made
amends with Princess Ella and now helps Enchantasia's youngest criminals
embrace their own inner virtue. The Big Bad Wolf is now Professor
Wolfington, a popular teacher despite his bulging muscles and wolfish
grin. While gargoyle attacks, suspicious behavior, and magical mayhem
provide plenty of action, Gilly's constant self-sacrifice and insatiable
need to spy on her teachers get old quickly. Drawings of news scrolls
throughout the story help break up the text and may entice reluctant
readers, though seasoned readers will predict the true antagonist long
before the big
Comment by nicross23 on Thu 23, Feb 2017 06:03am:
Not that one, sorry. It had a colourful cover if I remember correctly.


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