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Question: orphan girl who ends up in place where there is magically food and comfortable bed

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Asked by harristl on Mon 20, Feb 2017 08:19pm :
This book is about a young orphan girl who imagines a comfortable
life-somehow magically every night she is given food, warm clothes and warm
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Comment by sallievern on Mon 20, Feb 2017 09:13pm:
"Rose" by Holly Webb?
"When you're an orphan, even magical abilities
can be of little use. While Rose can conjure fantastic images to cheer
up her disheartened friends, she sees no real value to her strange
power. Desiring the simple comforts of a steady job and a warm bed, Rose
happily leaves the orphanage for a coveted position as a housemaid to
the wealthy alchemist, Mr. Fountain. Her new life is anything but normal
as she discovers that her employer's house is alive with magic. Stairs
move and cats speak, though none of the other staff realizes it. Afraid
that she will lose her job if her magical talents are discovered, Rose
keeps them hidden. She soon meets Freddie, the alchemist's apprentice,
who recognizes her special ability. When Rose's friends from the
orphanage go missing, along with many other children, Rose and Freddie
must work together to solve the mystery. Set during the Victorian era,
this novel is filled with realism and
Comment by sfreader on Mon 20, Feb 2017 11:15pm:
'A Little Princess' by Frances Hodgson Burnett?
Sara Crewe is a wealthy
little girl at school in London. When her father dies penniless, the
school owner keeps her as a servant, sleeping in a cold attic. A wealthy
gentleman next door arranges for his servant to come across the rooftops
and leave warm food an clothing for her.


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