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This question was answered on Wed 22, Feb 2017 11:09am by bookel

Question: ANSWERED 1970's Boy & Girl Escape Their Troubles On An Island - HELP!

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Asked by bbass610 on Tue 21, Feb 2017 08:33pm :
Basically my subject line says all that I remember about the book. A boy
(early teens) is having trouble at home and hangs out at his secret spot
which is an island on a lake (I think). He meets a girl (also an outcast)
and they become friends. Past this I can't remember much, other than they
ride their bicycles around. Any help would be appreciated! 
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Answer by bookel on Wed 22, Feb 2017 11:09am:
THE ISLAND by Gary Paulsen.

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Comment by bbass610 on Wed 22, Feb 2017 05:52am:
@bookel I should have known that! I LOVE Gary Paulsen! Well, now I just
feel dumb. Thank you SO much!
Comment by bookel on Wed 22, Feb 2017 11:10am:
Easy enough to forget title and author. Enjoy. It is a memorable book.


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