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This question was answered on Mon 06, Mar 2017 09:50pm by sweetpug

Question: Book from 1970's- african american girl growing up in a city with mother training to be a nurse??

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Asked by cwillard on Fri 24, Feb 2017 11:38am :
I remember reading a book in the 1970s about a middle school aged African
American girl- contemporary setting.  The family was working class living
in a small city and I think the mother was studying to be a nurse.  The
main character had a special moment when she got a pink and brown striped
Thanks for any help-- this may have been a scholastic booklist book.  
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Answer by sweetpug on Mon 06, Mar 2017 09:50pm:
Sounds like "Striped Ice Cream" by Joan Lexau.  

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