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This question was answered on Thu 09, Mar 2017 12:53pm by sallievern

Question: 1980-90's Illustrated Book showing two islands that change as Gold is found?

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Asked by wissemann on Sat 25, Feb 2017 10:30pm :
As far as I can remember this book was in the Australian Queensland Library
system (including Biloela) in the late 80's to early 90's?
The book seems to tell the tale of how two men (Chiefs? brothers?) from two
neighbouring islands manage their "nations" and how one nation takes
advantage of the other island nation as the discovery of gold and greed set
I think possibly the book only has illustrations every couple of pages with
a decent amount of story written between each new stage of the islands
history. It may have been that each island sat on opposite pages to each
At the beginning of the book it shows the islands in an early tribal state
and then the book progresses through an industrial era of wealth and growth
where the two islands are totally transformed ;one for the better and one
for the worse; until one of the islands succumbs (to a disaster or
overpopulation?) and (I think) the greedy island ends up relying on the
other nation that they took advantage of for survival in the end?
I think one of the islands even reclaims land and the sea takes it back by
the end of the book?
And then I think the book ends as it began as two small tribes?
I remember the images being quite detailed and colourful.
I have tried to find it on google images but to no avail.
Thanks guys!!
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Answer by sallievern on Thu 09, Mar 2017 12:53pm:
"The Sea People" by Jorg Muller
"The superiority of the differing ways of life on two neighboring islands
is put to the test when gold is discovered on one of them"

"The Sea People is a simple story about two islands. One is peopled by a
proud, disciplined, organised people, the other by an easygoing,
slow-paced, fun-loving people. Driven by their king's greed, the proud
people eventually bring both people - and both islands - to the edge of
ruin. The story is illustrated with superb colour paintings of the two
islands and their inhabitants. As the proud people begin extending and
mining their island, the details of the paintings tell a story beyond that
of the words. This is a spectacular children's book with a richness and
depth that adults will enjoy as well."

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