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This question was answered on Mon 06, Mar 2017 09:49pm by sallievern

Question: Garbage truck/trash collection

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Asked by chippewa88 on Sun 26, Feb 2017 04:09pm :
The book is from the mid to late 90's, as I read it growing up and was born
in 94. It's about a boy who always looks forward to garbage day, and he
loves the garbage men. At one point I believe he wakes up late and rushes
outside to put out the garbage outside. I know the garbage truck  makes the
noise "rumble rumble eeeee" throughout the book. I can't remember the title
for the life of me! 
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Answer by sallievern on Mon 06, Mar 2017 09:49pm:
"Stop That Garbage Truck!" by Linda Glaser [1993]

"t's early morning. Henry opens his eyes and listens and waits. From far
off, he can hear the rumble of the garbage truck. This is the day! In a few
minutes the garbage truck will be here, along with Henry's special friend,
Jackson. But wait--Daddy forgot to take out their can. Can shy Henry save
the day? Full-color illustrations."

"Early in the morning, a shy African-American boy eagerly anticipates the
deep, low thundering that heralds the arrival of the garbage truck.
Watching the sanitation workers do their job fascinates Henry, and he feels
a special rapport with the friendly worker who always greets him by tossing
his cap high into the air. On this particular day, however, Henry's father
has forgotten to put the trash out, and while his mother races off to get
the can, Henry overcomes his bashfulness and asks the driver to wait. The
subtle drama of the tale is appealing, and Henry, with his tongue-tied
enthusiasm, is a charming protagonist. Children are sure to enjoy the
suspense and happy resolution."

spelled "rummble, rummble eeee"

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