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This question was answered on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:09am by sallievern

Question: Pepito and his donkey - 1950's

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Asked by hazelvs on Tue 28, Feb 2017 11:31am :
My parents tell me I used to love this book and I have been trying to find
it for my granddaughter.  There is only one line that everyone remembers
(because I used to shout it when the story reader came to it) is "Here's
Pepito peeling taties and here's the donkey eating grass".  Any help with
identifying this book so I can locate a copy would be much appreciated.
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Answer by sallievern on Mon 27, Mar 2017 07:09am:
"Pepito the Naughty Donkey" by Jennifer Courtney [1972]

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