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This question was answered on Tue 14, Mar 2017 02:02pm by sweetpug

Question: Max's Taxes?

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Asked by teemc on Sun 05, Mar 2017 11:32am :
A friend is trying to remember a book she read as a child. She remembers
that it was a rhyming story set in a kingdom with a really unfair ruler,
and it has something to do with taxes and someone named Max.

This is as best as they can remember the lines, but they're sure it's
pretty close:

A plague on Max’s taxes! They are anything but fair! He taxes both our
income and our patience, we declare.


So up they rose upon their toes and (something about sneaking into the


They stuck their tacks in Max!

We've searched on Google and came up empty, so if anyone one can help, we'd
be grateful! Thanks in advance!
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Answer by sweetpug on Tue 14, Mar 2017 02:02pm:
There is a book called "Would You Put Your Money in a Sand Bank" by Harold
Longman.  It contains a poem about King Max and his taxes that ends with
the people putting tacks in Max.  Could this be what you're looking for? 
The rest of the book is puns and riddles and other poems. 

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Comment by pdesr on Mon 06, Mar 2017 12:36pm:
There is also,"The New York Times Book Review - Volume 74 - Page 30"
from google books which has: "A wicked King named Max Decreed an
income tax. He put a notice on the wall, And stuck it up with tacks. The
people cried, “We can't abide Either Max or tax! The outcome is, our
income Won't even buy us snacks! 4 plague on Max's taxes!" The
anthology might be pointing to the book sweetpug mentioned, it is hard
to search google books snippets.
Comment by teemc on Thu 09, Mar 2017 05:39am:
I think that's it! Thanks so much for your hard work, you're both


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