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Question: Irish/Celtic Mythology Book

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Asked by darksfallen on Sun 05, Mar 2017 03:22pm :
It's been 20+ years since I have read the series (trilogy?) I think the
last book was called "Sun Shaker's War" or "Storm Bringer's War".

I can remember some about it, a teen finds himself on a Fae path and meets
some of the "folk" and they ask him questions to be allowed to leave, one
asks him "name the stars of the sky" and another says that the questions
should be within the realm of the knowledge of knowing and asks the boy
what his own name is, the man has a silver arm and hand and knowing about
the mythology he answers correctly that's only the first few chapters but
googling has little help. 

"Shaker" brings up a very well known series and if I try "Sun" it usually
bring up something about Star Wars "Sun Crusher"

HE has a hiking staff of Ash Wood and Iron point and caps which in the
mythology "retain the heat of creation" and are lethal to the "folk"...

Anyone have an idea? My details might be off it's been a very long time.
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Comment by rocambole on Wed 08, Mar 2017 05:34am:
The David Sullivan series by Tom Deitz (began with Windmaster's
Bane). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Deitz


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