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Question: Science fiction spaceship crash

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Asked by alycat on Sun 05, Mar 2017 10:05pm :
A space ship has crashed ... people find it ... bottom of sea ...
eventually it turns out space ship is from earth because it has writing on
it it has crashed on top of ocean in ice, all upside down, and people are
actually aliens 
Crashed on Europa? Arthur C Clarke?

Don't know when but 70s or 80s?

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Comment by lee kuivinen on Mon 06, Mar 2017 03:50am:
Might be SPHERE by Michael Crichton. (copyright 1987)
Comment by alycat on Mon 06, Mar 2017 12:26pm:
Thanks for the reply. No, the spaceship didn't crash on Earth, it
crashed somewhere else, and was discovered by aliens ... during the
story we think it is on Earth and people are discovering it ... but at
the end we realise it has crashed elsewhere else (Europa?) and the
people discovering it are actually aliens ... and it has not crashed on
the "ground" but at the top of their world, in the ice, think right at
end there is something about writing on it that we realise it is from


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