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Question: Fiction book about boy who moves into a mansion and is haunted by kids!!!!

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Asked by flvnnery on Mon 06, Mar 2017 07:51am :
This book has been eating me alive for years- it's an amazing book. The
plot is basically a young boy moves into a mansion which was previously
owned by a wealthy man with many children (thirteen I believe?). Each of
the children died on the property through some freak accident at each place
on the property. The property on which the house was built included an
abandoned fairground, petting zoo, topiary garden, etc. THE BOOK IS NOT
"BREATHE: A GHOST STPRY" by Cliff McNish. 
The boy encounters and must relive the deaths of all the children via
flashback. NEED HELP!!!!!
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Comment by squish on Mon 06, Mar 2017 02:26pm:
The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw?


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