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Question: Nano Tech, Fermi's Paradox, Artic Discovery, Ancient Too Sharp Sword....

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Asked by idontspeakmonkey on Mon 06, Mar 2017 10:46am :
Here is what I recall of the book.  I think I read it on Amazon, but I
can't find it on my history anywhere in the past 10 years.  I may also be
combining multiple books in my mind.

1. A device (or alien craft) is discovered in the artic
2. Somehow a countdown to destruction is started
3. A super smart programmer figures out how to disarm it
4. He get the power to manipulate the nano technology to do his bidding.
5. He pieces together that due to the discovery of a 1000's of year old
sword that is too sharp to have been created at the time, that somehow the
nano tech from now is really also 1000's of years old and has already
destroyed the earth as least 1 time.
6. The reason that alien life can't be found anywhere in the known universe
is that the nano technology was really invented by humans or aliens (I
don't recall) and that this technology was meant to seek out and destroy
(proactively) all the intelligent life it encounters.
7.  Somehow he accidentally reactivates the process.
8.  I think he was asian, and poor, and had a poor girlfriend that he was
trying to impress with all this power which corrupts him over time.
9.  I think there was an antagonist always trying to compete for the nano
10.  In the end he uses the nano technology to build an impenetrable shell
around himself so the world can't get to him.

Again, I am probably combining 2-3 stories in my mind.

Any help finding the book would be great.  I have many 100's of books in my
amazon library, and I've opened all the ones that seem science fiction in
the title, which makes me think it probably has a none science like title. 
 Something about God perhaps?  Making of a God, or something.
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