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Question: 2004ish-2009 teen sci-fi about a girl who enters another world after running away from her normal life

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Asked by hoodriiich on Mon 06, Mar 2017 01:15pm :
I believe the title started with "E", but I can't be sure. Every time I try
to think of it, I think the title sounds like Eragon possibly, but it's
obviously not Eragon. The only scene I can picture in my head for sure is
the girl running away from home into a wide open grassy field with a
dilapidated windmill or tower or something - this is where the girl opens a
portal (might be some other form of travel/door) to a different world with
scifi creatures and humanoids. classic good vs evil, she teams up with the
good guys and has to defeat the evil overlord. Pleeeeeease help me identify
this, I haven't read it since high school
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Comment by squish on Mon 06, Mar 2017 02:23pm:
Abarat (2002)written and illustrated by Clive
Comment by hoodriiich on Mon 06, Mar 2017 03:26pm:
Oh my God, you genius! I had a haunting feeling since the original post
that it was actually an A, not an accurate was my description?
Bless your soul!


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