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Question: A girl dreams of her death every night and falls in love with the man she dreams of, the guy is real but is the angel of death that comes to collect her soul each time she dies

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Asked by kandykarolyn on Tue 07, Mar 2017 08:31pm :
I remember downloading this free book back in 2012 on kobo, I'm not sure
whether it was published that year or even if it is available on paperback.
The story begins with a girl in a Native American tribe that is suddenly
ambushed and she is shot. Then a man comes and picks her up and brings her
piece, every night she dreams of this man because in every dream she
pictures her death. One day she goes to school and the guy of her dreams is
there. Things happen, they fall in love with each other and she finds out
that this guy is an angel of death of sorts and that all those dreams she's
had have been her past lives in which she always dies young. The guy tells
her that for some reason he was "cursed" to watch her die over and over
again in each life and deliver her soul or whatever. He tells her that this
is her last life and once he is done with his job he will never see her
again. Something else happens that prevents her from dying but the angel
disappeared. I know there is a sequel but for the life of me I can't
remember the title or the name of the author. 
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Comment by sallievern on Wed 08, Mar 2017 06:07am:
"Death Lies Between Us" by Jody Kessler"?
"Saving the life of someone
you love should not be the worst thing you have ever done, unless youíre
an Angel of Death. Frustrated with his position as an angel, Nathaniel
Evans casts aside the rules of the afterlife and rescues nineteen year
old Juliana Crowson from freezing to death. His inability to watch
Juliana suffer causes a sequence of deadly accidents, and he soon
becomes her constant protector. In the mountains of Colorado, Nathaniel
comforts Juliana as she struggles to understand her paranormal abilities
while coping with her guitar-playing brotherís recently exposed secrets.
When an ill-tempered Native American shaman teaches Juliana the
difference between ghosts and place memories, she decides she wants
nothing to do with the supernatural world. Too bad she doesnít know that
Nathaniel is part of it. Will fate allow them to be together, or has
Nathaniel made the biggest mistake of his


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