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Question: kid travels to parallel mirror world

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Asked by dyland27 on Tue 07, Mar 2017 09:46pm :
I remember quite a few of the details but for the life of me cannot seem to
remember the title or author of the book. It is most likely a young adult
story about a boy who traveled to a different parallel planet. In this
planet everyone was blue and was set during the medieval period, and
whenever someone from the "blue" planet died their counterpart died on
earth. I also believe it was a trilogy may be more. I remember there were
twins that were amazing archers and managed to hit arrows out of mid air.
Thanks for any help.
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Comment by sfreader on Tue 07, Mar 2017 10:52pm:
You're not thinking of this are you? The people aren't blue, but one of
the characters is called the Blue Adept. "Apprentice Adept is a
heptalogy of fantasy and science fiction novels written by English
American author Piers Anthony. The series takes place on Phaze and
Proton, two worlds occupying the same space in two different dimensional
planes. Phaze is a lush planet of magic, where Proton is a barren mining
planet of science. As the series opens, each person born on Phaze and
Proton has an alternate self living on the other world. But if a person
on either world lacks a duplicate (for instance if a Proton citizen
immigrated there from another planet, or a counterpart from the opposite
frame died), he can cross to the other through an energy "curtain" that
circumscribes each frame. The first three books in the series follow
Proton serf Stile as he enters Phaze and becomes an important political
force there. The next three concern the adventures of Mach (Citizen
Blue's son), Bane (Stile's son), and Bane's companions. Finally, volume
7, Phaze Doubt follows Bane's and Mach's nine-year-old children, Flach
and Nepe, among others."


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