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Question: Looking for and older (early 90s) modern fantasy book I never got to finish

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Asked by flipscuba on Fri 10, Mar 2017 04:51am :
Okay, so this was a book, possibly part of a series, that I started reading
as a kid, but lost the book before I could finish it. It is set in more or
less modern times, on earth. I want to say at least the first part takes
place in a city in either Mexico or Arizona, but I'm not at all sure where.
One of the main characters is a young man (I wanna say early twenties) who
has either an older relative or mentor. Mentor is at least implied, if not
outright said, to be VERY old. Young man is either still training in, or
recently finished training, to use supernatural powers/magic. The setting
is definitely fantasy, not scifi.

There is a monster that attacks the main character in broad daylight in the
city. I don't recall many details about the monster except I think normal
people couldn't see it? Or he/his mentor could wipe people's memories
after. At some point the young man meets a young woman, things get somewhat
sexual, so this was not a kids story at all (probably why it stuck with me
all this time). Older man doesn't trust the girl. Young man has either
acquaintances or siblings who also have powers, some of whom are either
outright evil or just don't get along with the main character.

I just remember that, aside from the (not graphic) sexual content, thinking
this was a rather dark story. Lots of interpersonal conflict aside from the
man vs monsters fighting. Of course that is to say "dark" by the standards
of someone in their early teens/late preteens.

Anyways, I understand this is a long shot, given the time frame and the
gobbledygook I dredged out of my memory, but thanks in advance for anyone
taking a shot at this.
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