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Question: book from 90s character connected to devil - reborn several times - metal animal masks

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Asked by pbyard36 on Fri 10, Mar 2017 01:13pm :
remember reading a series of books in the fantasy genre where the main
character was connected to the devil or beezalbub as was in the books. 
think he may have been a prince of hell.  seem to recall he got reborn
several time sin different eras.  one book i recall had a society where
they all wore different animal metal masks according to their jobs... help!
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Comment by rocambole on Sat 11, Mar 2017 04:20am:
Well, the masks thing sounds like Granbretan from Michael Moorcock's
Hawkmoon series, so you may be thinking of the Eternal Champion series
White Wolf published in the 90s. Would have been Arioch not Beelzebub
Comment by pbyard36 on Sun 12, Mar 2017 11:32am:
looks familiar - I have ordered it and will get stuck in Many thanks!


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