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Question: Christian fantasy savior of another world

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Asked by jrolson90 on Fri 10, Mar 2017 02:25pm :
There was a Christian fantasy book I read years ago about a guy who time
travels and also goes to another world to be a savior of bronze people.
There is an angel with white hair who I think is supposed to be Jesus of
our world. The bronze people have weird technology and the main character
is "crucified" on tv in their world. There's also a devil that chases him
and it's really cold when he appears. The main character has a girlfriend
named Jenny? There's time travel I think too? Anyone know this? I thought
the title had the word battle in it. It has to do with the end times.
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Comment by leftycool on Thu 16, Mar 2017 09:50pm:
Not sure, but you could try skimming the titles of some works by C.S.
Lewis- a lot of his scifi books deal with christian values and foreign
Comment by jrolson90 on Fri 17, Mar 2017 07:51am:
I know it's not cs Lewis. I am familiar with him and when I read the
about the author for the book in question I remember that it was
specifically not cs Lewis. I think this was written sometime in the 80s
or 90s. Thanks for your response!


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