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Question: Book title for Summer Babysitting Romance with a deeper plot

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Asked by hipsterchick2704 on Sat 11, Mar 2017 02:22pm :
In the fiction book, a girl's mom makes her get a summer job, so she ends
up babysitting a local family. It is two small girls with an older brother
who is her age. The boy is really the girls' step brother and he has a hard
time getting along with the step father. He wants to know where he real
father is and has always tried to search for him. The babysitter and him
become close and he tells her he wants to find his dad. She ends up finding
him and tries to set something up, but he gets mad because she did it
without asking. He then runs away to go find his dad himself and then the
girl he likes runs after him. In the end, they find his uncle and he
encourages them to go home to their families. They both head home and get
grounded, but they are in love.

What was the Name of this book?
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