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Question: Book with the twist ending that the protagonist is a monkey

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Asked by monkeybook on Sun 12, Mar 2017 10:46am :
I remember reading something as a kid, it was either a book or a novella or
whatever, and the book is written from the perspective of a hospital
patient. he/she is bound up in like casts and shit. and the patient can't
speak but he/she can hear everything. and the poor patient can hear
everyone in the room talk about him/her as if he/she wasn't in the room.
anyway you develop real sympathy for this poor guy reading it. and at the
end of the book, the patient is revealed to be a monkey. i think the
message of the book is "animals have feelings" or something. maybe it was
just a long Peta brochure. Anyway, no one can remember this and if maybe I
just dreamed this book up, I thought I'd ask. I think it's a really good

and no its not the monkey's paw.
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Comment by sweetpug on Mon 13, Mar 2017 12:35am:
Perhaps "Eva" by Peter Dickinson?  Eva wakes up from a terrible accident
and it is revealed that her parents have placed her memories in the body
of a chimpanzee.
Comment by kfanucchi on Fri 17, Mar 2017 11:55am:
This could possibly be Genesis by Bernard Beckett.


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