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Question: U.S. Mexico border cop hero

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Asked by dbd on Sun 12, Mar 2017 08:17pm :
I know this was not an ordinary crime fiction, so perhaps "illegal alien"
had more than one meaning. It has been a long time since I read it, but I
think it had a lot of spanglish in it, and may have been set in a dystopian
tex-mex future.
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Comment by steve on Tue 14, Mar 2017 05:33am:
Alan Dean Foster's Montezuma Strip

    Sanctuary (1988) [SF] also
appeared as: Variant Title: Sanctuary (1988) [as by James
Lawson] Variant Title: Sanctuaire [French] (1990) [as by James
Lawson] Heartwired (1992) [SF] [also as by James Lawson]
Gagrito (1993) [SF] also appeared as: Variant Title: Gagrito
(1993) [as by James Lawson] Variant Title: Gagrito [Italian]
(1993) Hellado (1993) [SF] [also as by James Lawson] Our Lady
of the Machine (1994) [SF] The Mocking Program (2002) also appeared
as: Serializations: Il meridiano della paura (Complete
Novel) [Italian] (2007)


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