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Question: She was the earthly Goddess representative for her island- she had a fish comb and ended up marrying a ROMAN

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Asked by shealinn on Mon 13, Mar 2017 11:24am :
Sorry I dont have much to go on, just childhood snippets of memory...

WHEN - I read the book in the early 80's, but am not sure when it was
actually written. 

What reading level - YA to adult

What the story is about--There was a young girl in the times of Roman and
Christian takeover of Europe. She lived on an island. They were an island
of fisherman? She was chosen as their Goddess on earth. She had a fish comb
and maybe a fish mirror? She was involved with/married a Roman soldier when
he disguised himself with a Sun mask and took the place of the young ritual
suitor. There was a Special Needs person whom her mother looked after- Bobo
or Babo, and her Mother was a politician or priestess? I can hardly
remember much more, I just remember loving the story and would like to find
it again if possible. 
What the genre is. History, maybe religious but it was more about her
adventure/life than GOD or GODDESS
What format is the book in--dead tree

Thank you to anyone who tried to make heads or tails of this! 
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