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Question: [UPDATED]Girl goes through fantasy world to rescue baby brother

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Asked by bela_the_horse on Tue 14, Mar 2017 01:10pm :
This update might not even be from the same story, but it was there in my
brain so I figured it was worth a shot. I think maybe in the beginning the
protagonist was standing in her room, and it was really messy, and
something came in through the window.

The girl had short blonde hair, I think. She may have been wearing a red
shirt. I think her name was Sue, maybe? I could be remembering that all
wrong, though.

I read it when I was five or six, so 2003-2004.  I remember I loved the
colors and artwork of everything, especially; it was all very vivid and

I don't remember much of the actual story other than in the last few pages,
she found her baby brother in a cave at dawn; there was a little light
coming through the ceiling, and she was in a boat. There was a lot of
water. The baby might have been in a cage? Maybe it had something to do
with a witch? 
What I remember most is that page when she found him; it had sort of a
bird's eye view of her in the boat going across the cave, and there was
light coming from somewhere above her.

It's not Labyrinth. I can't stress that enough. Totally different story.

This has been bothering me for years now; any help would be appreciated.:)

Anyone know of a way to put pictures on here? Because I could draw the page
I remember.
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Comment by sweetpug on Tue 14, Mar 2017 02:51pm:
Well, this one doesn't fit with many of your details but it might be
worth taking a look at just to rule it out. "Outside Over There" by
Maurice Sendak is a picture book about a girl, Ida, whose baby sister is
stolen by goblins. She has to go on a journey to the goblin world to
find her. She has a horn that she plays music on that is a prominent
part of the story. There is a little boat, and water when she finds the
baby. She has long brown hair, though, and I don't think she wears red.
Maybe you could google the illustrations and see if there is any
similarity to what you remember.
Comment by bela_the_horse on Wed 15, Mar 2017 10:52pm:
It wasn't that. The plot was very similar, though, from what I remember.
Thank you for trying:D


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