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This question was answered on Thu 16, Mar 2017 01:14am by sweetpug


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Asked by bela_the_horse on Tue 14, Mar 2017 01:27pm :
The cover was pink and white and very vintage-looking; the illustrations
were very dainty and pretty. I think there were a lot of roses. It was a
series, I believe. I tried reading it 2012-2013. The title sounds something
like "Beacon Street Girls", but it's not those. 
There was a group of friends who all lived on the same street, and they had
various adventures and whatnot. One girl had no parents, I think. I know in
one they went to a wedding, and they were sitting outside the church
talking. Kind of a Doll People atmosphere, but it didn't take place in some
old era, it just felt like it.

@sweetpug Yep, I recognized the covers immediately! Thank you!:D
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Answer by sweetpug on Thu 16, Mar 2017 01:14am:
Perhaps "The Cobble Street Cousin" series by Cynthia Rylant?  The three
girls in this series are Lily, Rose, and Tess.  They are all staying with
their Aunt Lucy on Cobble Street for a year while their parents are all
gone on a ballet tour.  One of the books is about a wedding. 

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