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Question: Romance/Thriller/Crime featuring a woman named Susannah (Chiquita) going undercover to spy on a Mr Fish.

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Asked by emjay12 on Tue 14, Mar 2017 05:04pm :
There's a female character named Susannah (he calls her Chiquita) - quiet,
wears glasses & a bad boy character with troubled past who grows up to work
for FBI or something similar- he's good with electronics. 
They go undercover to bust a bad guy named Mr Fish. 
Mr Fish wants Susannah to wear particular pantyhose/stockings to work. He
refers to the guy as a pirate in reference to their relationship. 
He had a past where there was no one looking out for him so all he ever ate
was peanut butter sandwiches and cornflakes and the habit stuck. 
Takes place by the water- water is significant the bad boy agent guy ends
up trapped in a car in the water with Susannah, I believe. 
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