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Question: Romance book set in London around 1800s

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Asked by sbonner on Tue 14, Mar 2017 10:52pm :
Hi I'm looking for a book I read about 10 years ago I can't remember the
title or author but the story is about a lady who is being corted  by a man
who killed his first fiancé the lady doesn't wish to marry the lord but is
told by her family that she must when he arranges to have her compromised
at a ball while she is looking for her father who hates parties and she
knows her father is likely upstairs in a quite place with a book on the
night of the lord and ladies engagement party the lady sneaks off with
another lord who tells her of her fiancées previous betrothed he then tells
her if she doesn't want to have the same fate than he will marry her for 
convenience she agrees he immediately takes her from the party into his
homework priest is waiting and immediately performs the marriage ceremony
he didn't take her upstairs to his room and tells her he will not touch her
but they must make it look as if she has been bedded already as her father
and betrothed are likely on their way  there is a knock on the door
interrupting them as they are preparing for the arrival of her father and
betrothed The Lord then leaves his new wife upstairs when he goes down to
greet his new father-in-law who then demandeds as to where the his daughter
is she than comes downstairs in her nightshirt and is asked by her father
if this is what she really wants she replies that it is
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