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This question was answered on Mon 20, Mar 2017 03:55am by grok

Question: Humans shapeshifting into animals book series (ANSWERED)

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Asked by reaperwolf on Thu 16, Mar 2017 02:27pm :
I remember reading a book around 2007-2011(but it could have been written
before that) that had a girl and her brother as the main characters. As
they grew up, they would become able to shape shift into animals. I
remember that the girl's first animal was a bear. I think the villain was a
star-nosed mole.I believe that it was a book series but I'm not sure. In
the school library it either had a 4th grade or 5th grade reading level.
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Answer by grok on Mon 20, Mar 2017 03:55am:
maybe The Nobodies?

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Comment by reaperwolf on Sun 19, Mar 2017 09:06pm:
It WAS The Nobodies! Thank you!


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