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Question: Book from the '80's I think? About a boy on a quest.

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Asked by princessspirit on Thu 16, Mar 2017 03:54pm :
I know there are tons of quest type books from this era, but I'm hopeful
someone knows it.

I first heard this book as an audio book a ex friend was listening to in
early 2000's, the book is older than that, I believe from the 1980's at

In the story a boy was given a sword (that had a name, that I believe began
with 's' or had an 's' sound.) 

I want to say that the sword talked, but I could be miss remembering. 

The was part of series, it is not however 'The Belgariad series' by David
Eddings, I've already that series and it's not it. 

The quest was to span several books, what the quest was about I'm really
not sure.  
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