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Question: fantasy prince magic world where you can conjure clothing and goods but costs souls, 'hollow' people start being born and go to war

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Asked by leftycool on Thu 16, Mar 2017 09:55pm :
This book I read in maybe 98-2002, so from around that era. 
It focused on a prince and his group of friends in a medieval setting. the
land is magical and anyone can summon clothing or shelter temporarily as a
jet black material.

however, something happens to cause an increased amount of use of this
power, and people start being born with discoloured skin and 'no soul' they
age quickly and barbaric and conscience-less, and quickly form their own
kingdom and eventually go to war with the original kingdom.

i think the book culminates in a fight between the prince and the leader of
the enemy kingdom, the princes son. the son knows he is likely to die in
the fires surrounding the battle, but knows he can summon a fireproof cloak
to protect him, but he had a vision in which summoning things cost the
souls of your forebears, and knows if he does it it will extinguish his
fathers soul.

bought in a post office in new zealand if that helps any.
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